I’m going to Wrestlemania

My flight is delayed (originally scheduled for 8:25 but now scheduled to fly out at 9:00) but’s that’s a-ok today was crazy and it’s nice to sit and have a few minutes to relax before the crazy.

I picked a later flight but had to grab X-Man who, of course, was late – just after 4. From there a teacher came to talk to me as I’m rushing to get out and then I had to pop and get some US cash and paint pens for the title belts as, of course, I couldn’t find them at home LOL! Staples didn’t have them so I stopped at Staples. They were online only (of course they were). So I stopped at Michaels and then headed to Park and Fly. I parked and was ready for the Shuttle at 6:30. There were ZERO lines at the airport and moved through quickly. By 7:30 I was relaxing and having a beer!

 As I write this I’m eating these absolutely tasty fries. The gravy is quite good.

Might as well have a snack while I wait.

Just got an update.

These fries are yummy!

What?!? Undertaker’s coming?? LOL!

I’m pretty sure we all knew that already – LOL

I think I have the transit plan figured out for my arrival – I need to grab a Metropass for the few days – that will allow me unlimited rides. There is a bus that I have to take and then a subway transfer. It takes about an hour to get to the hotel so I should be there before midnight.

I’ll post more when I get to New York!

Goodnight, ladies!