House of Hardcore 9 Event at Ted Reeves Arena in Toronto, ON

Ok, so I’m heading to Ted Reeves Arena in Toronto for Tommy Dreamer’s House of Hardcore 9 – his first event in Canada! This is also my first attempt at live blogging without a plugin – just using the blog itself through the browser.

Game on!


On the train to Toronto (Danforth Station). It’s only supposed to be a 4 minute walk to Ted Reeve Arena from there. I just managed to catch this bus – the doors has even been closed once. Fortunately, there is a new credit card kiosk to pay from the back parking lot – that helped a lot.

On the Go Train

Just got myself a coffee (the train let me out right at the backdoor of the arena).Waiting now to go in…
Ted Reeve Arena

This is the most rediculous thing ever. We were all in a very organized line and then they said “All VIP in a line over here”. From there, everyone piled together in a giant blob. Dumb!
Dumb Mess

I’m a little behind with this update. Sitting at my seat – 4th row – and chatting with the dude beside me.
The Addiction
Dudley Boyz
Tommy Dreamer

Time for some updates:
The Dudley Boys
Dudley Boyz Autograph
The Addiction: Christopher Daniels (top) and Frankie Kazarian (bottom)
The Addiction
Tommy Dreamer
Tommy Dreamer

From Earlier:
Tommy opens the show versus Chris Hero
Tommy Dreamer and Chris Hero
Tommy at the receiving end of some hard shots in the corner
Hard Shots in the Corner

Tommy Egging on the Crowd
Tommy’s not too impressed with the interruption of Cherry Bomb and Pepper
Cherry Bomb and Pepper Antagonize Tommy

Cherry Bomb doesn’t appreciate an “Old Guy” like him spoiling her ring
Cherry Bomb Wants Tommy Out of Her Ring

Bobby Roode makes a surprise appearance to face Pepper
Bobby Roode
Bobby Roode is Here

Cherry Bomb can’t seem to shut her mouth during this match
Cherry Bomb Jaw Jacking
Bobby Roode Victorious
Bobby Roode Victorious

John Hennigan (Morrison) Hits the Ring (Sans Slo-Mo)
John Hennigan (Morrison)
It was awesome to see John Morrison back in the ring (but I do miss the slow motion entrance 😜) This match was quite awesome (and quite long) – a good contest. Morrison (I can’t call him Hennigan) won his finishing move, the “Starship Pain)
Hand Raised in Victory
Mutual Respect

Maria Kanellis accompanies “The Kingdom” to the ring to face “The Addiction”, Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian
The Kingdom vs The Addiction
The Kingdom vs The Addiction
The Kingdom vs The Addiction

Matt Taven of the “Kingdom” initiates a flying splash on “The Fallen Angel”
Splashing the Fallen Angel
Maria got involved near the end of the match and Traci Brooks came to the aid of her husband, Kaz, and Daniels. “The Addiction” stands victorious and celebrate Traci’s last appearance post match.
Th Addiction Stands Victorious
Scott D'Amore of Team Canada Hugs Traci
Thank you, Traci!

REWIND – This is where the intermission occurred

Rhyno issues an open challenge which is met by Thea Trinidad for her man, a super surprise addition to the show, Austin Ares!
Thea Trinidad Confronts Rhyno
Austin Ares Accepts Rhyno's Challenge
Austin Ares Accepts Rhyno's Challenge
Austin Ares Accepts Rhyno's Challenge

Drop Kick on Rhyno
Austin Aries Executes a Drop Kick
Poor Thea!
Thea - Gore 1
Thea - Gore 2
Thea - Gore 3