Documenting the Craziness of Our Awesome Life!

My flight is delayed (originally scheduled for 8:25 but now scheduled to fly out at 9:00) but’s that’s a-ok today was crazy and it’s nice to sit and have a few minutes to relax before the crazy. I picked a later flight but had to…

I’m going to Wrestlemania



Momma and I both didn’t get the answers we were wanting this past Friday {sigh}. I can’t help but think of this quotation from Rocky when he’s talking to his son. We always need to remember to push forward and fighting harder – that’s how…

Keep Pushing Forward

A beautiful shot of the white Rose of Sharon tree blooming by the backyard table as I read with Bubba on my lap.

Rose of Sharon Blooming

[foogallery id=”1299″] The afternoon of March 11th, 2012, ended up being a little more eventful than we anticipated. Momma woke up in the morning knowing that Kleo was probably going to gicve birth this day. She was very restless and followed Momma around everywhere. This…

Team Jelly Arrives